Wednesday, August 5, 2009

First ever post!

Hey you guys!

First ever post...! haha! I would like to welcome anyone to my page and thank you for reading this. I took inspiration from Kandee The Makeup Artist's youtube and her blogspot and decided to set one up myself to share my loves and interests with the world!

I suppose I'll start off with me... I'm 22 years old, I'm from Ireland, I have two younger brothers and a younger sister, I love my family VERY much. I have an amazing boyfriend, Karl, whom I love to pieces! I wish I could hug him so much that he explodes haha! I am in college at the moment doing lots of studying, can't wait to be qualified! :)

Anyways this is all for the first post, any ideas for first videos and stuff to talk about would be amazing!

Thanks for reading you guys!

Hugs and kisses and smooches! ;)



1 comment:

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